Fishing Seasons

Pan fish - Open all year

Walleye - 2nd Saturday in May to November 15

Muskie - first Saturday in June to December 15

Small & Large Mouth Bass - 3rd Saturday in June to December 15

There is a fish cleaning house right by the water along with 2 big freezers for your convenience.

Store Fish cleaning.JPG

Fish Cleaning House


Large and small mouth bass are found in great numbers.  Walleye and muskie can be found along the weed edges.

If you enjoy fishing, Adventure Bay is for you. Rice Lake claims to have more fish per acre than any other lake in Ontario. It is a shallow lake with an overall average depth of 11 feet and is known for its weed-beds and mudflats which ensure a great variety of fishing opportunities.


Pan fish are found in enormous numbers including perch, crappie, bluegill sunfish and catfish.  The old saying is “catch as many as you want to clean”.